Passion, Devotion
and Honesty are our
core values that motive us.

열정헌신 그리고 정직함, 이것이 우리의 모티브이고 핵심 가치입니다.
These are our attitudes in which we instill in all of our
employees in order to ensure our perspectives and core values
are deeply rooted in themselves. It means Motive's happiness.

The road Motive is taking,
continues to the End of the World

since 1990
모티브가 지나온 은 당신과 함께 해왔습니다.
1990년 부터 지금까지, 그리고 으로도
Motive was born in 1990 in the capital of Korea, Seoul.
Motive specializes in and services all areas that involve designs,
construction, and fixture production. We pride ourselves
in the organization being organized and divided into several
operation divisions : Construction, Project, Brand, and Design