• September,1990
    Motive was established in Seoul with only a crew of seven. In the following year in March of 1991 Motive was recognized as a corporation, having earned the interior design license.
  • January,2000
    ISO Certificated, ISO 9001
    Motive was awarded the Quality Management System Certificate, which recognizes the corporation's high level of accomplishments in the interior designing, construction, and the service it provides.
  • April,2001
    Motive Korea Warehouse Founded
    In order to meet the demands of growing clients, a fixture prodiuction warehouse was raised in Gwangju. This prompted Motive to be heavily involved with supplying the department stores with fixtures.
  • January,2007
    Business Operation System
    In order to operate more professionally and efficiently the business operations were divided into three divisions: Design Div., Project Div., and Brand Div.
  • July,2009
    Motium R&D Institute
    To produce the best quality products possible, Motium Research and Development Institute was built where the research is ongoing today.
  • March,2010
    Main Biz, Inno Biz
    Among small businesses in Korea, Motive was awarded the Main biz, Inno Biz Certificate.
  • April,2010
    Shanghai-Motive was established and the second corporation was foudned in 2013 in order to operate the office and the warehouse together on-site.
  • September,2010
    20th Anniversary
    With a crew of 100 and 30 million USD in annual sales, Motive celebrated its 20th birthday on September 18th.
  • May,2013
    Mobile Web
    Mobile web was created to send out newsletters and portfolios to clients digitaly and more efficiently.
  • December,2014
    Amore Pacific & Lotte Shopping Excellent Partners
    We have been partnered with Amore Pacific for the past 16 years and were selected as an excellent partner for 5 years in a row. With 10 years of partnership, Lotte Shopping Group has selected Motive to be their excellent partner in business.
  • February,2014
    Motive Construction
    Motive is certified and fully licensed in the construction operations. We are currently operating under the Motive-Construction banner, which directly contributes to the organization's broader business plans.